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As far back as most of us can remember, we have had a front row seat to witness it. For the most part, we have stood around collectively, applauding its demise with our silent complicity. Others, oblivious to what has been occurring around us, have carried on, business as usual, watching the slow but steady erosion of our social constructs, standards, and norms-much like a public bloodletting, if you will. Not so long ago, what was once only sprinkles of attacks to the most basic of our morality and values, quickly evolved into a deluge, seeking to forever wash away the very standards of all that we know, much like pieces of a once solid concrete wall, now traveling downstream after the violent breaking of a dam. No longer a fringe or peripheral issue, it has found its way into the very fabric of everyday life. It is not simple cause and effect, or even time and change, but rather something much more subtle and sinister in nature. This is what is officially known as #CancelCulture.

This not-so-new phenomenon, so prevalent, prominent, and so very mainstream, has now literally become a household word. So many are only now finally asking-what is #CancelCulture?
According to the Wall Street Journal, “Cancel culture is a social phenomenon that ostracizes people who commit socially unacceptable actions. It can involve a social punishment, the loss of a job, or both. Targets face ridicule and isolation, and often threats and real material harm.” As a result, Cancel Culture eradicates anything, or anyone based on its lack of cultural validity or acceptability.
While this has mostly been the fodder of science fiction, such as the 60’s ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, “The Obsolete Man,” where a librarian deemed useless is sentenced to death, or the 70’s television show, “Logan’s Run,” where anyone reaching the ripe-old age of 30 is eliminated, truth has nevertheless remained stranger than fiction, as history has proven so in the event of slavery in America, and of the Holocaust in Nazi occupied Europe so many years ago. Thus, many have decided based on their own assertion that certain members of society are not as valuable as others. However, those individual examples, horrific and heinous as they may be, were never the goal of the aforementioned select few. Their focus lies much deeper still. And now, as a socially acceptable form of ostracism, Cancel Culture has proven to be much more frightening and pervasive than most realize. We have witnessed firsthand how the staples of life have been shredded and imputed by a world that had no appreciation of their value. American pop-cultural standards such as Mrs. Butterworth, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, even “Gone with The Wind’s” Butterfly McQueen, once considered cultural icons, have now been tossed aside like refuse on the trash heap of our societal undesirables.

However, there is a tragic purpose to all of this. Like everything else-it all has an endgame; in this case, the endgame is to cancel God. Yes, God.
There are those that have decided that God must now be, “ostracized for committing socially unacceptable actions.” Somehow, according to the beliefs of many, He has forgotten His place; thus, they have decided to remind Him exactly where He stands in the scheme of things-as far as they are concerned. As anyone in construction or demolition will tell you, to bring down any given structure-regardless of its size, you must attack its infrastructure- that which without, the building or structure could not sustain itself. So, over time, those seeking to destroy tradition for tradition’s sake understood this and began eroding our societal tenets:
· The Nuclear Family Tenet
· The Patriarchal Tenet
· The Matriarchal Tenet
· Societally acceptable Tenets
· Life and Death Tenets
· Biblical Tenets
For those of us paying attention, the writing on the wall is quite clear. If by removing all that society and God represent, we would eliminate His value and necessity- for them it would all have been worth it. The only thing standing between them and the power they crave are those remnants still holding on to what the Bible is based on, and what Americas foundational documents were created to maintain. If we don’t believe that a Godless nation is possible, we need only to pursue our present course. If God is to be #Cancelled in society, it won’t be because of those that claimed not to believe- It will be because of those that professed a belief that they did nothing to honor. -Lawrence E. Johnson, Sr.

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