The Hillsdale Project

SEE has partnered with Hillsdale College

Our team visited Hillsdale College and some of our team members actually sat in the chair where Frederick Douglass himself sat. What a thrill to learn about such an amazing institution. Hillsdale College symbolizes excellence. So, when the college asked to participate in helping them find at-risk students for their scholarship programs, SEE stepped up.

Speaking with the administrators, we agreed that getting at-risk students to check out Hlllsdale College would be challenging. We might find one in a thousand.

After sending only six students, we are happy that we have one student who might make it. One in 1000 is down to 1 in 6. And the reason for our success comes from the painstaking work on the front end. Finding these students is time-consuming, and even dangerous. But SEE is committed to changing lives, so we go where others don’t.

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