At Seeking Educational Excellence, we want to share our knowledge and insights on the topics that matter to us and to the world. We believe that by bringing together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from different fields and backgrounds, we can foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation. Our summits and workshops are designed to provide valuable information, practical skills, and inspiring stories that can help us achieve our goals and make a positive impact.

This is also a way of communicating our message and vision to a wider audience. We want to raise awareness and interest in the issues and challenges that we face, and to showcase the solutions and opportunities that we offer. We hope that by engaging with our participants, we can create a network of supporters, partners, and advocates who can help us spread our message and amplify our voice. Our summits and workshops are not just events, but platforms for change.


Over 20 academics, influencers, and entertainment icons come together to share their experiences. Witness lively panelist discussions as they traverse the topics on every American’s mind.