Our mission is simple: We will end identity politics in academia.

Seeking Educational Excellence (SEE) is an organization committed to ending identity politics and the social justice agenda in schools.
We believe the misguided social justice agenda is little more than racism cloaked in the guise of humanitarianism. For too long its agenda has devastated schools, corporations, and many other organizations, and impairs students’ personal empowerment and sense of purpose.

We believe the social justice agenda fosters a sense of victimhood. Victimhood should not be a protected social class. It creates social disconnect and emotional paralysis, which can impair the potential upward social and economic mobility of students trying to make a place for themselves in the adult world. We don’t want our society to be comprised of a generation of people who believe they are victims of the world they live in. We believe people need more than that to become productive citizens. They deserve more.

If the social justice agenda teaches victimhood, our IDEA approach empowers Our four-pronged approach (Identify, Develop, Engage, Act) brings to light the greatness we believe exists within everybody.

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