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We will end identity politics in academia.

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Professor Watchlist

David Stovall
University of Illinois at Chicago

Stovall claims that the black population is “engaging in a fight against white supremacy” in charter schools. According to Stovall, strict classroom instruction is actually a twist on “classroom management,” with the whole system designed to examine whether “black boys can be domesticated.”

Jeff Klinzman
Kirkwood CC, Cedar Rapids, IA

This former English Teacher declared that he is Antifa. He has a long history of anti conservative and anto Christian bigotry- including a desire to ‘exact revenge’.

Richard Wolff
New School in New York City

- is a visiting professor at the notoriously left-leaning New School in New York City.  He is known for promoting Marxism through his controversial economic and societal analysis, in which he blames the system of capitalism for many of America’s problems.  -...

Darry Sragow
USC Dornsife

In official capacity as a professor, this USC Political Science Professor categorizes Republicans as stupid. Oh, and racist.

Amanda Wray
University of North Carolina

Professor Wray was arrested for stealing Republican yard signs.

Melissa Click
University of Missouri Columbia

Former Communications teacher at The University of Missouri, Columbia, told a camera man that he couldn’t be there, and this is shortly after telling a student photographer the same thing.

Susan Feiner
University of Southern Maine

Susan Feiner was fired from the University of Southern Maine for offering a pop-up course of one credit in exchange for protesting Senator Susan Collins. This was in response to the Senator's vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

WJT Mitchell
University of Chicago

WJT Michell, a professor of English at the University of Chicago, liked to show his disdain and anger at Trump Voters.

William Ayers
University of Illinois at Chicago

William Ayers was a member of the radical Weather Underground. The bombed police stations and the Pentagon.

Garret Avila Nichols
Bridgewater State University

A professor compares Trump voters to racists.

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