Education & Mentorship
That Strengthens America

Seeking Educational Excellence is a nonprofit developed by public figure and celebrity entertainer, Kevin Jackson. His childhood experience from poverty to wealth speaks of his passion to provide educational tools and resources to at-risk youth.

SEE’s mission is to deliver trackable solutions that inspire generations of Americans to succeed and be proud of their country, enabling children and teens to achieve the American dream.

SEE’s initiatives change the trajectory of at-risk youth and inner-city families through articles, videos, podcasts, events, mentorship programs, counselors, tutors, college/trade school entry and tuition aid.

These initiatives are SEE’s commitment to conservative consitutionalism with proven solutions that you can support.

“Your tax-deductible donation brings SEE’s proven education solutions to at-risk youth and inner-city families in need. Thank you for support!”

Kevin Jackson, Founder



Gift all students in one at-risk household the online SEE PREP course. Enrollment provides students access to higher education and lower (or no cost) tuition. SEE selects the student(s) based on need (not race). You follow their progress and share in their journey and celebrate their milestones!


Enroll now in the guaranteed online SEE PREP course to get into the college or trade school of your choice. 96% of students were accepted with reduced tuition, and many with zero tuition. All students in one household may use the same SEE PREP course. Invest in your the future of your family today!


Help impact the lives of inner-city families by giving the gift of mentorship, family counselors, school tutors, life skills, parenting coaches, and critical thinking workshops. Your gift reduces teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates, divorces and more. SEE provides the mentorship and your gift supports family values and structure.


SEE has partnered with The Goldwater Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, G-Star School of the Arts, and others to deliver NO-COST education to under-served children. Partner with SEE to help deliver the American dream to children.


Unhyphenated America proves we are one American family through master storytelling. The term African-American is used often but hyphens divide. SEE researches, writes and distributes true stories and videos about heritage and Americans helping Americans. Support this ongoing effort to unite us all.


Over 20 academics, influencers, and entertainment icons come together to share their experiences. Witness lively panelist discussions as they traverse the topics on every American’s mind.




Hi, I’m Christian and I have a 4.0 GPA. My goal of space aeronautics seemed too far away until SEE outreached to me and my benefactors paid for my SEE PREP college course. It’s awesome so far! I’m on my way to a future that, up until now, I was only dreaming about.


I’m Ariel and I have a 4.0 GPA. I’m excited to become a linguist. I’m thankful to SEE and my benefactors for enrolling me in the SEE PREP college course and sending me on The College Journey. I could not afford this on my own and I am working hard to make my family and my benefactors proud!