Smart Class Arizona is an education initiative by the people of Arizona to transform schools with technology and make children ready for their future. The initiative aims to propel the desire to learn using advanced technology in a fun way, enabling students to learn English and Math by second grade1. Smart classrooms offer a vision where students will be trained in active learning, allowing them to develop skills undiscovered in the traditional system, such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

The core of the Smart Class Arizona team is the people of Arizona, including parents, corporations, citizens, and community leaders. The initiative has received growing support from many local organizations and individuals who want to be part of this great initiative.

Smart Class Arizona provides children with their very own self-learning tablets so they can be “tutored” at their own pace as a support to teachers and parents alike. The learning pad captures students’ attention, allowing them to learn at their own pace while providing lessons on reading, math, stories, puzzles, and many other fun activities.