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Project Proposal: Empowering Parents for Educational Excellence Seminars


Seeking Educational Excellence (SEE) is dedicated to fostering positive change in education outcomes, particularly for at-risk children. To achieve this goal, SEE began a series of seminars that will begin in Chicago on April 16, 2024. The goal of these seminars is to establish a new narrative in education around empowerment and meritocracy.

We are focused on parents, students, and teachers in at-risk communities. Our discussions focus on improving education outcomes in at-risk environments by engaging those who face these battles daily. These seminars will offer a different point of view than what currently permeates these communities and should empower all involved with knowledge and strategies for better education outcomes.


The primary objective of these seminars is to empower parents with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to advocate for and support their children’s education effectively. By bringing together parents, educators, and community leaders, SEE aims to foster collaborative efforts to enhance educational outcomes for at-risk students.


1. Event Structure:

The one-day seminars feature panel discussions and Q&A sessions. SEE will ensure that the sessions are informative, engaging, and conducive to meaningful dialogue among participants.

2. Panel Discussions:

Each seminar will feature various panels comprised of experts in various elements of education advocacy. The panelists will share insights, strategies, and best practices for supporting at-risk children’s educational journey, followed by a Q&A session with attendees.

3. Expansion Potential:

While initially focusing on panel discussions, SEE acknowledges the potential to expand offerings to include workshops in the future. We will create these based on feedback from participants in our earlier sessions.

4. Location-Specific Partnerships:

SEE will collaborate with local organizations, schools, and community leaders.

5. Locations:

Locations were selected based on market impact, media size, and SEE’s penetration based on personnel and partnerships. This helps to keep the costs down.

  1. Chicago, IL (funded)
  2. Atlanta, GA
  3. New York City
  4. Washington DC
  5. Tampa FL
  6. Charleston SC
  7. Phoenix AZ
  8. Dallas TX
  9. St. Louis, MO


The panels will facilitate conversations and possible solutions by discussing the varied issues in education. The primary focus will be on issues that are rarely discussed but play a significant role in the academic success of students. Some topics include but are not limited to:

Literacy | Discipline | Grade Inflation | Resources | Culturally Responsive | Teaching | Teacher quality | Social media | Parental Participation

Expected Outcomes:

1. Media:

We anticipate these sessions to be highly informative and quite frankly mind-blowing. SEE believes that inner city parents and students want better alternatives and certainly better outcomes. However, their voices are rarely heard. We anticipate high marketability of these sessions, which should garner SEE substantial earned media that far exceeds the funding to do the sessions.

2. Increased Parental Empowerment:

To participate in this battle for the soul of our nation we must engage directly with those impacted most. By providing inner city parents with access to expert insights and practical strategies, SEE anticipates an increase in parental empowerment and engagement in their children’s education, leading to improved academic outcomes and overall well-being.

3. Strengthened Community Collaboration:

Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, SEE aims to strengthen connections between parents, educators, and community stakeholders, fostering a supportive network for at-risk children’s educational success. After these sessions, SEE should be seen as a resource to the parent and students.

4. Enhanced Awareness and Advocacy:

The seminars will raise awareness about the challenges faced by at-risk children in education and empower parents to advocate effectively for their children’s needs within the educational system and community.


While fees will vary by location, we anticipate an average amount of funding for each location to be approximately $10,000.

The first location (Chicago) has been funded by a SEE benefactor.

We are requesting funding for additional locations.

Funding covers building rental, travel and other logistics, as well as guest fees and accommodation.


SEE recognizes the critical role of parental involvement in improving educational outcomes for at-risk children. Through these seminars, we aim to empower parents with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to champion their children’s education effectively. By investing in parents, we invest in the future success of our children and communities.

Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities or to support this project, please contact SEE Coordinator, Melissa Jackson admin@seekingeducationalexcellence.org or call at 314.580-1880.

Thank you for considering our proposal to empower parents for educational excellence through these seminars. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of at-risk children and their families.