Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson’s story could be tragic. His mother died before he turned 5 years old, and his father was in San Quentin prison. He and his older brother were adopted by his maternal grandparents, and Kevin’s life changed dramatically.

He attended Southern Methodist University on a scholarship, and earned degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Math. After college, Kevin designed Supercomputers used by NASA and other government agencies. Next, Kevin entered the world of IT and Management Consulting, counseling some of the world’s largest companies.

In 2009 he left corporate America and embarked on a career as a writer and political pundit. He’s become a political powerhouse, particularly in the area of education, and he is the Executive Director of SEE.

Kevin is a Fellow at the Robert J Dole Institute of Politics, and a former Fox News Contributor. His work can be seen both in TV and print media.