The tragic death of George Floyd provides many lessons for America. But not the ones the media and others necessarily convey.

For example, we are told that George Floyd’s death is about policing in America. More specifically, police targeting or hunting blacks in America. I will not bore you with statistics that easily prove otherwise. However, I assure you the statistics do not fit this narrative. Regardless, there is a more important issue to explore.

Most—if not all—Americans were horrified by the actions of the Minneapolis police department in the death of George Floyd. So why did looters and arsonist terrorize cities around the country?

Answer: the social justice agenda accepts no compromise.

As riots occurred around the country, many Americans wondered, “What did we do to deserve this chaos?” They were conflicted. Though they believed in “justice for George Floyd their country was literally going up in flames.

The answer lies in education. More specifically what is taught in education. The lesson is anger. I call it, “Zero to Angry in 3 seconds.”

Far too many young blacks deal with more tragedy by the age of 5 than many people deal with in a lifetime. They lose friends, siblings, and even parents to violence, incarceration, or drugs. Without proper guidance, many of them are ticking timebombs–who are programmed to go from zero to angry in 3 seconds.

I was one of those kids. My father was incarcerated/not in the picture. And I lost my mother before I turned 5. I grew up angry. Anger was the only emotion I knew—and the various systems, including academia readily take advantage of kids like me. The social justice agenda teaches young blacks to feel helpless and hopeless and provides no coping mechanism. Further, the social justice agenda dares not discuss the multitude of examples that could empower.

While we can all grieve over the death of George Floyd, are there not other emotions to explore? Frustration, anxiety, sadness, disgust, despair, to name a few. And those who promote the social justice agenda enable and encourage young blacks to channel their anger in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons.

For them, the world must burn to right the wrong of George Floyd.

Social justice warriors claim that America is broken in areas of race, gender, sexuality and so on. But the death of George Floyd actually galvanized America. But that lesson goes unnoticed.

One of the missions of SEE is to ensure that the real lessons are learned in these tragedies. SEE wants to reconstruct the minds of students. We strive to teach them to critically think before making knee-jerk responses to situations like that of George Floyd.

-Kevin Jackson

Executive Director of Seeking Educational Excellence

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