William Ayers
University of Illinois at Chicago

Former Weather Underground co-founder and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers
Ayers is a professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, holding the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar.

In a 2001 book, Ayers admitted to participating in a host of domestic terrorism operations, including bombing the New York City Police Department, United States Capitol Building, and Pentagon.
He later gained fame in the 2008 presidential election for his connection as a “family friend” to then Senator Barack Obama.
Bill Ayers is like O.J. Simpson. He’s unrepentant about what he did. He blew up buildings. He was afraid he didn’t do enough in blowing up buildings. He is still trying to push the same ideology that he did when he was a bomber. But now he has allies like Obama pushing his radical ideas, using the system this time around. Bill Ayers should be shunned by society, not given validation for his ideas, and people who associate with Bill Ayers, knowing full well who he is, knowing full well what he stands for, knowing full well what he attempts to do, should also be shunned.
Administrators at Minnesota State University – Moorhead (MSUM) selected Ayers as the 2013 “visiting scholar” by the school’s College of Education and Human Services. Professor Steve Grineski, who helped select Ayers for the award, however, told Campus Reform on Wednesday university administrators were not concerned with his radical past.
A number of students at Marquette University were surprised to discover textbooks used in freshman education courses were written by William Ayers, a former domestic terrorist and founding member of the Weather Underground.
Marquette lists Ayers book “To Teach The Journey, In Comics” as required reading for the course EDUC 1210: Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society.
The course examines “the impacts of race, ethnicity, class and gender,” as well as the “demands, conditions, and rewards of the teaching profession.”

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