by | Aug 16, 2019

The war on white people continues. And the reason for the war is to demoralize the only group who is willing to fight back.
And what a war all Americans fight against the racism of the so-called Progressive movement.
Take for example this article where a Massachusetts school superintendent spoke on white oppression of blacks:
Pittsfield Public Schools chief Jason McCandless, a Massachusetts school superintendent, told a community audience on Tuesday that white people in our “systematically corrupt system that oppresses black individuals” need to “rewire their brains” in order to overcome their biases.

McCandless’s comments were reported in Berkshire Eagle story about his district’s plan to pilot black history courses this fall.

The courses taught at two district high schools, Pittsfield and Taconic, will focus not only on black oppression, but the “contributions black people have made to society,” according to teacher Jamal Ahmad. McCandless added that Pittsfield is working to better a system which has “long has overlooked the work and contributions of people of color.”

America is supposed to be long past the time when people are judged by the color of one’s skin. Yet, many people–mostly Leftists–speak of little, but color. So Generation Z and Millennial students are told how bad they are by birthright. If you are born white, then you have “white privilege”. Forget the obvious racist implications of this, the idea that somebody can be born more privileged than others is not an American concept. Perhaps the British believe in “royalty”, however most Americans don’t. Further, smart Americans don’t believe that privilege comes from wealth.
You can read more about this story here.

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