Video- Kevin Jackson and Alan Dershowitz

It is our intention to sue Harvard University on the grounds of racial discrimination. Executive Director of SEE made the announcement at the David Horowitz Freedom Center Event at The Breakers in Florida. More to come…

Kevin Jackson right here, Kevin Jackson and then Congressman Louie Gohmert and then we’re gonna get Charlie and then Candace.

Kevin Jackson:
Dr. Dershowitz, so Harvard had its first all black graduation this year, they had one previously that was all of the juris doctorates and then this year they graduated a black only class and our group Seeking Educational Excellence is going to sue Harvard for what I believe are Jim Crow Laws.

Alan Dershowitz:
I support you and I will support your lawsuit.

Alan Dershowitz:
I don’t believe in segregation. I didn’t believe in it when it was practiced in the south by whites against blacks. I don’t believe in it when its practiced by blacks against whites.
Harvard is/has a problem its being sued now, it’s a very, very complicated and difficult case. It’s being sued by one historically discriminated against group, Asian Americans, and the argument is that Harvard is discriminating against this group in order to help another group in order to increase diversity at the university. It’s a very, very, very difficult case. When Harvard first started its program of affirmative action, which I supported, I actually went down south in 1965 to recruit African American, Native American students. I believed in affirmative action certainly in the sense of increasing recruitment and making people of minority backgrounds aware of the problem and Harvard started an affirmative action program and the first year it had a 10% increase in the number of African American students from about 3% to 13% and during the same year there was an approximately 10% decrease in the number of Jewish students admitted and so a group of faculty went, I was a part of them, to speak to the dean of admissions and said look we support diversity, we support the admission of African American students but we don’t think you should take that out of the Jewish students. Jewish students had been historically discriminated against by Harvard as well, and the dean said look there’s no discrimination against Jews. He said what we do is we pick students by quadrants and so regions, and so what we’ve done is we’ve now focused say in Cleveland, we now focus on the inner city of Cleveland and the people who suffer are kind of the donuts around Cleveland like Shaker Heights and one of the faculty, I wish it was me, stood up and said Dean those aren’t donuts, they’re bagels. He had made the point very well that the suburbs around the areas whether it be West Chester or Shaker Heights or other areas tended to be dominantly Jewish and over the next several years it really regularized and we saw the number of students, Jewish students increased, the number of Asian students increased, the number of African American students increased, and the real question is how the courts will rule when race plays a role, maybe just a thumb on the scale, maybe just a pinky on the scale. I think that Harvard will win in front of the District Court but it’s unclear what will happen if the case goes up to the United States Supreme Court.

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