Undemocratic Democracy
America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others. ~ Jamelle Bouie

Flawed points:
• States rights is racist and gives some people more power
• Challenging the executive’s powers or blocking actions nullifies the president’s constitutional powers
• Republicans today, especially Tea Party members are like John C. Calhoun.
• Barry Goldwater opposed black freedom
• Reagan conservatism was white supremacists
• The Tea Party pretended to hate taxation and spending but were really against minorities
• Gerrymandering is bad and racist
• Anti-illegal means anti-immigrant

• The same “state’s rights” that allow one state to impose strict laws limiting abortions, also allows states to have “sanctuary cities” or have very liberal abortion laws.
• Nancy Pelosi and her Congress is not nullifying Trump, they’re “patriots”
• Defending the 10th amendment is not the same of Calhoun’s argument that the states can ignore any federal law it deems unconstitutional. But if it is unconstitutional, they should challenge it
• Goldwater was a champion of civil rights and won an NAACP award. He opposed a portion of the act he thought was unconstitutional and would lead to permitting discrimination, BLM and the 1619 Project prove him right every day.
• Using the weak logic that if a white supremacist agrees with your policies, then you are a white supremacist. This makes no sense but the left use this argument because it works.
• Taxed Enough Already, started under Bush.
• Gerrymandering is used by both sides and mostly serves to protect incumbents, however, in CA and IL, it has been used to create strong “minority” districts. Isnt’ this racist?
• Protecting elections, and limiting services to illegals helps all Americans, especially poor whites and most minorities.