In another example that highlights the spillover of the social justice agenda, examine the plight of UCLA Accounting Professor Gordon Klein

The university suspended Professor Klein after he refused a request to modify final exams in the wake of George Floyd’s death. As he explained on The Ingraham Angle, he followed university policy:

“I got a directive, as did my colleagues, that we should absolutely continue the traditional policy [of] the university, and give the exam as scheduled with only the normal excuses, such as you’re in a car accident, you had a death in the family,” Gordon Klein told host Laura Ingraham. “I followed the specific direction my boss gave me and the school knows it.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported that UCLA suspended Klein, who has taught at the Anderson School of Management for 39 years, for three weeks effective June 25. According to Inside Higher Ed, the students –­ who described themselves as “nonblack allies” –­asked Klein to make the final exam “no-harm,” meaning it could only boost students’ grades.

Additionally, they also requested that he extend the deadlines for final assignments and projects for black students.

UCLA insulted the professor, the institution, and most of all black students. The idea that blacks should unilaterally take the death of a lone black man as an excuse to shirk academic responsibility is patently ridiculous.

In an email to students Monday, the school’s Dean Antonio Bernardo called Klein’s behavior “troubling” and extended the time students have to complete exams given the “difficult circumstances.”

The lengths these higher Ed schools are going to abandon their duty and dedication to train up the best students for American society is unacceptable.

Seeking Educational Excellence has offered to help with Professor Klein’s representation should he decide to fight.

Gordon Klein is an attorney, registered Illinois CPA and long-time teacher whose interest in education began at age 23 while studying law at the University of Michigan. He had an opportunity to teach accounting at Michigan’s Ross School of Business before making the decision to relocate to Los Angeles.

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