What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.

~ Kevin M. Kruse

Flawed points:
• The Interstate system was created to segregate the races
• Bulldozing “blighted” neighborhoods was due to racism
• Opposition to MARTA was due to all-white counties not wanting blacks in their community
• Segregation is racist, but so is integration.
• They did not need the interstate to implement racial segregation, the races were already segregated. Local Democrats used the federal plan to discriminate.
• Whenever improvements are done, they typically will use the least populated, least expensive areas. You cannot improve a city by bulldozing expensive real estate.
• Counties with 30-40% minorities are not “all-white” secondly, it’s more likely a class issue as Gwinnett Co., a county which voted down MARTA twice, is not majority black yet voted MARTA down again in 2019
• Segregation is racist yet blacks who want to live in majority black neighborhoods is celebrated (CNN story about black families who bought land to start a community). Conversely, whites moving into these neighborhoods, gentrification is a form of white supremacy.