Toxic Whiteness

by | Jun 8, 2019

A family of bakers sued Oberlin College for libel and won.

Deemed “racists” by the Oberlin College dean, the generational family of bakers was targeted by the college’s “social justice warriors”.

Their “racist” crime? The family called the police on shoplifters.

Owen Rarric, lead attorney for the Gibson family commented:

“The jury saw that Oberlin College went out of their way to harm a good family and longtime business in their community for no real reason, and the jury said we aren’t going to tolerate that in our community any more,” Rarric said. “The college kept saying we don’t control our students. But the jury told them that we can tolerate some of this from time to time, but not what you did this time.”

Lee Plakas, who handled much of the month-long trial and who gave the closing argument, said this case “is a national tipping point.”

“What the jury saw is that teaching students and having them learn how to be upstanding members of the community is what colleges are supposed to do, not appease some students who they are afraid of,” Plakas said. “People around the country should learn from this, that you can use the legal system to right the wrongs, even if the one doing the wrong is some huge institution who thinks they can do anything they want.”

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