The Solution

SEE realizes in order to create a positive impact to improve our education system and loosen the powerful, political grip that the NEA and AFT have over our schools, our freedom-loving teachers, and our children; we too, need millions of people working together – teachers, parents, students, and concerned individuals – using our own financial resources.


Can you imagine a REAL grassroots organization linking with millions of others across our nation all donating to one cause? Further, can you SEE the impact we would have by working together, unifying our messaging, strategies, and organizational tools?

In an effort to build a better future for American education, Seeking Educational Excellence (SEE) is currently partnering with several grassroots organizations throughout the United States who are committed to the mission of ending the political social justice agenda affecting our schools.

By partnering together and gathering concerned parents, teachers, students, and citizens alike we increase our numbers. We increase our voice. Everyone benefits from SEEs mission – OUR mission succeeding. Our children are depending on us.

Through local engagement and activism we will challenge school districts, colleges and universities. We will flood school board meetings in districts that insist on pushing dangerously, divisive, social justice curriculum and policies at the taxpayers’ expense. We will advocate for parents’ rights in education as SEE understands that parents know what is best for their child not the system.

We will be SEEn and our voice will be heard.

Further, as we gather resources SEE will provide legal counsel and support for unfairly targeted parents, teachers, and families who dare to challenge the “status quo”.

The future is bright as we continue to build our Speakers Bureau who will reach out to and support students through SEE college tours, speaking engagements at local schools, community events such as Town halls. We want to engage with teachers, parents, and students all over the nation in real debates that address the tough issues surrounding the state of America’s education.

We SEEk to mentor and encourage America’s youth to find their inner greatness.

SEE is dedicated to ENDING the “ruse” with the solutions listed here.

So, please consider signing up below if you would like to stay connected with SEE and what we’re currently doing to end the identity politics and social justice agenda dividing our education system.

If you are an organization who shares the same vision as SEE and are interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form here so we can connect.

Lastly, if you are a teacher, parent, or student who would like to send SEE a tip or confidentially report an experience, please fill out our whistleblower application below.

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