Flawed points:
• The founding 1619 - Jamestown vs 1620 – Plymouth Rock
• Advances pushed by blacks - Blacks used their newly won voting right during reconstruction to make progressive changes
• America alone has a special debt to pay for slavery
• American founded on an idea and a lie – Argues that the founders did not believe “all men are created equal” meant Africans
• The Revolutionary War was fought to protect slavery
• All whites held contempt for blacks
• The successes that were won were done solely by blacks
• Immigrants, women, and LGBTQ people owe their freedoms to blacks and the Civil Rights Movement
• Blacks have a greater claim to the ideals of the country.
• Ignores the triumphs and amazing history of black Americans in spite of discrimination
• Why would one year between two colonies, both founded by whites, make a difference? They can’t tie Plymouth Rock to slavery.
• Gives credit for the blacks elected to Congress during Reconstruction to black, when in reality no black votes catapulted the first black senator to Congress, senators weren’t elected by direct vote until 1913. Also Revels was elected senator weeks after the 15th amendment was ratified, so no blacks had even voted for the congressmen who elected him.
• Blaming America solely for slavery is disingenuous. 12.5M slaves were stolen from Africa, 400K made it to America. What happened to the other 12.1M 96% struggled and died outside America with no mention. Also, no mention of the French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, or the British evils, the countries who owned the slave ships and instituted the world’s colonization and slave trade.
• Several of the founders were abolitionists. Even those who owned slaves, wrote often about the ills of the practice. The narrow view of the founders also negates the reality everywhere else in the world in the 18th century. Oppression was the norm this “idea” was unique. Which is why most countries today that have a written constitution based it on the US Constitution.
• Slavery wasn’t abolished in Great Britain until 1833
• Immigrants have been coming here since the early 1800s, and if you believe America is truly the land of the free, that should mean everyone. No one’s claim is greater than anyone else’s.