Speaking Engagements

Our mission is simple: We will end identity politics in academia.

One of SEE’s strategies to counter the social justice indoctrination being pushed in America’s colleges and universities is speak to as many students as possible. An alternative message needs to be heard. Thus, we are announcing the first steps in this effort.

Executive Director for SEE, Kevin Jackson will speak on “The Racism of Education”. Further, SEE will sponsor various members of our new speaker’s bureau to speak as well.

In this speaking series, the team highlights a few keys points on education:

· While 80% of HS kids graduate, only 69% of black students graduate
· In Nevada, only 48% of black students graduate
· In Oregon, a state that hails as “progressive”, only 53% of black students graduate
· While colleges and universities “curve” grades to allow blacks to enter with lesser scores than non-blacks, only 60% of blacks who enter college graduate
· Finally, blacks have the highest student debt, regardless of whether they graduate or fail college.

We will also cover issues like,

· Cultural appropriation
· Toxic masculinity and the attack on the Y-chromosome
· The racist idea of white privilege
· Intersectionality and the hierarchy of victimhood
· Climate change and how taxes can save the planet

The following is a list of current student groups SEE is in touch with planning events for the spring of 2020:

NYU – College Republicans [Event will either be Jan 30 or Feb 6]
University of Washington – College Republicans [Discussing a March or April date in Jan]
University of Texas (Austin) – College Republicans [Spring TBD]
Colorado Christian University [TBD Spring]
University of Pennsylvania [TBD Spring]
University of Northern CO [TBD; a board member to get back with us by end of Nov]
University of Chicago [TBD; waiting on meetings with contacts from Bernie]
DePaul University [Dr. Christina Rivers contacted and working on getting me there]

In addition to this list, we expect to have many more debates and events on college campuses, as we work with additional partners willing to help us set up these sessions.

Stay tuned for more details as more dates and colleges are confirmed! Please understand that colleges and universities book speakers a full semester in advance.


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