Eighth-grade teacher, Jasmine writes a community blog called “Tame the classroom”. The idea behind the blog is for teachers to connect and share their experiences.

Being a black woman, Jasmine conveys in a recent post that she felt the need to write something on what white teachers can do to combat racism in the classroom.

Clearly, Jasmine felt the need to reinforce the already pervasive social justice agenda to those who still need to be “woke”.

Her five recommendations to white teachers are as follows:

  1. Speak out against injustices.
  2. Study and teach black history and current events all year long.
  3. Provide classroom resources that include representation.
  4. Seek to understand your black students, black families, black teacher colleagues and their cultures.
  5. Support your fellow black teacher colleagues.

What should bother Americans is the willingness of academia to immediately embrace the lie.

Below is a letter sent to me from one of our teachers. It reinforces how a single tragedy against a black man causes such a knee-jerk response.

In addition, teachers seek to “work toward making your school a more affirming, safer space for Black students”.

So what was academia before? Non-affirming and unsafe.

But if you believe the changes some want to occur will make things better for black students, think again. Already schools are lowering the standards further for black students.

This era may seriously usher in the weakest black Americans in history if SEE doesn’t step in to wake people up.

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