SEE’s Board Member, Dr. Jason Hill recently wrote an article debunking the 1619 Project.

We feel that much of what Dr. Hill wrote is relevant to the mission of SEE.

The 1619 Project started in conjunction with the New York Times. 1619 attempts to reframe U.S history. 1619 marks the year when the first enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia as our nation’s foundational date.

In addition to rewriting history, the 1619 project has become part of the K-12 curriculum in many schools. From the curriculum: “racism and bigotry are an indelible and ineradicable part of America’s cultural DNA, that US capitalism is an evil, exploitative system inextricably tied to imperialism and racial domination and unmitigated poverty.”

Dr. Hill’s points disagrees:

Inserted as an unprecedented non-tribal phenomenon in the world, the United States has achieved a unique feat of political eugenics. Instead of being an imitator, it is a model for emulation. America has detribalized the world by offering up its model as worthy of universal emulation; it has functioned as an ethical domain in which resocialization of a certain type takes place.

By making foreigners and strangers into Americans, the republic has made them citizens of the world by undermining and de-ratifying the spirit of seriousness grafted onto lineage and blood identity. The American by birth or, even more so, by naturalization, is the concretization of a world citizen. For what is central to American belonging and citizenship are moral purpose (the inviolable freedom to create one’s own conception of the good life for oneself) and a moral-political commitment to adhere to the fundamental defining principles of the republic grounded, as it were, in a philosophy of individualism.

America is the first country to insert itself into the world and offer itself up as a friend to humanity; it’s the place where citizens from anywhere can belong and play a role in suffusing the nation-state with an original assemblage of who one is.

Profound points are made by Dr. Hill.

America is a model worthy of universal emulation. More importantly perhaps is the question why schools will not teach a philosophy of forgiveness and empowerment? Why would any education system attempt to demoralize students about their country?

Seeking Educational Excellence is excited to launch a counter to the 1619 Project. We are producing a strong nonpartisan curriculum available for every school in America.

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