As most parents know, most state governments closed schools during the coronavirus.

This move by the states essentially made teachers of parents. Schools posted assignments and parents were asked to ensure that students completed the assignments.

However, one particular teach found it necessary to remind parents that they are not their teachers nor are they their child’s educators. Only teachers are.
Corey DeAngelis from the Reason Foundation posted about the story:

Imagine a school administrator telling parents not to teach their children. Teaching one’s children is the role of a parent. In fact, by the time most children get to school, parents have their children “trainable”.

Further, when kids come home from school, its parents who supervise homework and augment what the child has learned when necessary.

SEE disagrees with this type of thinking. And we work tirelessly to educate parents and students of their rights. We want success in academia for all children. Because when schools succeed, the country succeeds. But this principal shows that he or she does not respect the role of a parent.

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