by | Apr 24, 2020

During quarantine parents have been tasked with teaching their own children.

So many families in America have been mandated to home-school their children.
So why can’t parents choose whatever curriculum they wish, even from a better virtual school than their own? You would think this would be common sense. But as in the case of Oregon it isn’t.

In Oregon’s Coronavirus Education Lockdown, teachers unions have officially blocked kids from transferring to virtual charter schools during this trying time for our country.

The story posted from the Wall Street Journal stated the following:  

Oregon has cancelled public-school classes amid the pandemic, but political self-interest never sleeps. The Oregon Education Association and its labor allies are now blocking hundreds of children from continuing their education at virtual public charter schools.

As of Oct. 1, more than 14,000 children already attended Oregon’s 19 virtual public charters and received the bulk of their education remotely. But when brick-and-mortar schools closed on March 16 to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Oregon parents clamored to transfer their children to the online schools.

Opinion I Oregon’s Coronavirus Education Lockdown 

If you think the education lobby only want your child locked in brick and mortar schools, think again. Big Ed allows NO school choice, even with virtual schools. Ask yourself why?

SEE is working with a group in Oregon to understand this issue better. SEE works for school choice in ALL states. And we will not stop!

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