by | Aug 16, 2019

The sexualization of America’s children continues, this time in Modesto, CA. A teacher violated school policy by handing out “gender identity sheets” to Middle Schoolers.

One of the most interesting things in the article is that the second-year teacher took it upon himself to do so. An excerpt from the article:

Second-year instructor Luis Davila Alvarado, who teaches science at Denair Middle School near Modesto, says he gave students the “getting to know each other” exercise so they “could understand why he uses [the title] ‘Mx.’ rather than ‘Mr.’”

Getting to know each other exercise? I guess just having the children state their names and perhaps where they were from was too benign?

So what’s the penance for Mx. Alvarado? As we asked about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? We may never know.

The article continues with a comment from the Superintendent:
“The principal and I have spoken with the teacher about why we believe this was a poor decision,” she said. “Any discipline is a private matter between the district and employee.”

Don’t be surprised if her punishment is to become “Teacher of the Year”.

There was another small shocker in this story you might have missed. Did you catch that Mr. Alvarado is a science teacher? I suggest to you that’s not all “ze” is.
Remember when schools focused on teaching kids, “the basics”? Now, wackademia considers it their duty to teach whatever they decide. Think they care about what parents want? If “wackademics” decide to teach your kids about sex, you have no say. And you wonder why one out of eight girls in Chicago Public Schools are pregnant?
Academia is a breeding ground for sexual deviancy. While students should be focused on studies that will garner them careers, schools promote a more “social” agenda. Last time I checked, gender identity had nothing to do with most degrees.

You can read the rest here.


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