Michele Conry

Michele was born in Brooklyn NY to a drug-addicted prostitute. On the day of Michelle’s birth, her mother left her at the hospital. Four years later Michelle’s mother kidnapped her from foster care.

Michelle spent the next five years on the run with her mom and her mother’s boyfriend and pimp. He bartered pre-teenage Michelle to men for sex in exchange for money and drugs.

Michelle’s upbringing led to many challenges, and Michele succumbed to a life of crime. She joined the Bloods street gang, where she sold drugs, pimped women, and committed other heinous crimes; crimes that landed her in the penitentiary.

In prison Michelle contemplated her life and her life choices and decided to make a dramatic change for the better in her life.

Michele’s background allows her to tackle the victimhood mentality taught in our educational system. She represents what people can become despite one’s environment.

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