Bureaucrats continue to rob American students of opportunities to grow academically and intellectually.

In a recent interview, ABC News’ George Stephanopolous, of Good Morning America asked Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti about his directive to close all education institutions in LA during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“So, do you have a sense of where you’re going to be in September? We did see that news this morning that California State University system is saying they’re not going to have classes on campus. What are you expecting in Los Angeles and for your schools (Berrien, 2020)?”

Below is Garcetti’s mind-blowing response:

“I hope for our K-12 schools that we will have some sense of opening; but it won’t be in the way that we’ve known school in the past. It might be fewer days in the week; it might be staggered because we have to maintain that physical distance and we have to make sure for our vulnerable children. Some of them won’t be able to go back to school for some time.”

Perhaps I should give Garcetti credit for at least admitting to education options, something lacking for decades in a one-sided education system.

But, what does ‘Some of them won’t be able to go back to school for some time’ mean? I’m particularly concerned for those families who cannot afford to pay for long-term childcare. Further, what does this mean for educators who will become unemployed until, as Garcetti put it: ‘we (LA) have a cure’?

Since when have we needed a cure for disease before allowing children to attend school? And when you consider all the diseases presently rampaging throughout California, to allow such heavy-handed practices due to the most recent virus scare boggles the mind.

If Mayor Garcetti continues his draconian mandate, severe consequences that will plague Los Angeles, as well as the entirety of California for generations. And the impact will be felt most harshly in minority communities.

Parents Must Act Now

The current political climate proves daunting. Parents must remain vigilant for their children to receive a quality education. While online education offers some alternatives, not every family can make the adjustment to homeschooling. Some situations demand that taxpaying parents get their money’s worth from public schools. And waiting for a COVID-19 cure before opening schools is irresponsible on a monumentally level.

But Garcetti may have unwittingly unleashed a monster. Parents see the choices available under the lockdown. They have also witnessed the government overreach in mandating homeschooling.

If enough parents see the folly in paying taxes and being forced to educate their own children, then academia as we know it may change forever. No more social justice agenda when children are trained at home. No racism, sexism, and so on. Just concerned parents and other caregivers who want nothing but the best for their students.

I suspect it won’t take long for Garcetti to see the Pandora’s box he may have opened. Regardless, parents and students need to consider their options. And SEE will be here to help.

-Written by SEE’s director of curriculum Clarissa Burton

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