The Crisis of Big Ed

Everything their detractors say about the “Big” industries such as Oil, Tobacco and Pharma can be said about Big Ed.

The Cost

Everything is supposed to get cheaper over time. Innovation, improved processes, greater supply, and other advances should drive down prices. But not Big Ed.

Professor Watchlist

There are some professors that go far beyond the average liberal. They call for violence and abuse their positions.

The Diversity Scam

Sadly, the system colludes with government, as no longer do schools care to educate but instead indoctrinate. And this phenomenon is no longer limited to public schools, as the social justice agenda now infects prestigious private schools.

Race Matters

Seeking Educational Excellence has found that 60% of African Americans who enter into higher education do not graduate. Yet, its African Americans and other minority groups who use the most government assistance such as loans, grants etc. to aid them in their college admissions.

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