Equity and Inclusion

Every school day our children are being
indoctrinated using Social Justice initiatives.

Social justice standards are being embedded in every academic subject taught throughout their day. Every class, lesson plan and educational program is being scrutinized by school’s Equity and Inclusion departments. It is the Equity and Inclusion expert’s job to “close achievement gaps” by using their racial lens to identify and then eradicate oppressive barriers, structures and systems. How are they going tear down and demolish these unjust barricades standing in the way of higher grades? School districts are already doing it systematically and strategically by purchasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs with our tax dollars.

The program’s first important step is to acknowledge that Diversity exists (as if it is something new). Schools have taken upon themselves the responsibility to educate our children to recognize that not everyone looks like them, thinks like them, believes like them, and so forth. Our school districts and school boards assert that our children are not being properly taught these things at home, therefore, they must intervene to change our children and their teachers. The system cannot be changed unless the people in it are changed.

According to these cash cow programs, teachers and students must be educated to recognize their “unconscious biases”. The notion of “unconscious bias” was put forward in 1998 by social psychologists from the University of Washington and Yale, who developed a tool called the Implicit Association Test (IAT). According to them, unconscious bias affects 90-95% of people and their test “measures the unconscious roots of prejudice”. People do not know they hold these racial and prejudiced biases because they are deeply implanted from their upbringing and life experiences. So far, this does not sound problematic.
However, alongside unconscious bias comes the knowledge of “privilege”, specifically White privilege. A critical aspect of “equity work” requires that white teachers and students recognize, and then deny their “white privilege” (since it represents oppression and social dominance). Imagine sitting amongst a diverse group of peers and friends learning about this together. Even though teacher training is essential to the program’s success, imagine that it is your child sitting in this group, learning about unconscious bias and white privilege. They are being taught that their white friend could be racist and doesn’t even know it. What are they thinking about their white friend now? How does this affect their relationship? This encourages all children to start making shallow, negative assumptions about their friends – and every new person they meet – based on the color of their skin.
Under the guise of equity, children and their teachers are being “educated” to identify who the oppressor is and who the oppressed is. Who is privileged and who is not. After they are trained up to be equity experts, they are tasked to go forth to educate adults and other students. Now they are “change agents” whose goal is to transform the system because the system favors certain demographic groups over others. If it looks and sounds racist, that is because it absolutely is.

Does any of this sound like it is going to address the achievement gaps or help any student become skilled at “Western Math”? That’s right. Math is not safe from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Math is racist now. 
Not only are our kids being taught to closely examine the pigment of each other’s skin, now everyone will be forced to discuss their own and everyone else’s sexual orientation as well as their gender identity to feel completely “included” as a means to prevent bullying. These new and aggressive “Inclusion” initiatives go far beyond addressing bullying incidents of ANY student if and when they occur. The solution to end bullying is no longer, “Be kind and respectful to everyone. Don’t be a bully”. No. The solution is imposed acceptance. Remember, Equity and Inclusion’s solution to changing the system is to change the people.

 Acceptance of what? Acceptance of ideas such as gender fluidity- and let’s serve it up as factual to children as early as kindergarten. In California this is required teaching. California children are taught during class time that their parents “assigned” their gender at birth and there are more to choose from! As the saying goes, “What happens in California, eventually rolls out to the rest of the country”. New York, legally recognizes 31 different gender identities, over 100 are now trending in the UK. How long will it be before more genders make it “across the pond”? If this ideology isn’t complicated enough, know that the gender that a child feels like on Monday can be different than the gender they feel like on Friday.

We are told parents fear for their child because school is a “Safe Space”. However, seeds are being planted in their impressionable mind as the promotion of Inclusion – and confusion –begins. It is so “safe” inside our public schools that when your child makes a gender choice other than biological, male/female, they will be celebrated. They will be encouraged. They will be told how brave they are and that they are protected and loved at school. After the government helps children identify their gender and they have been completely “included”, surely reading and math scores will improve? Moreover, if a parent is seen as an obstacle to this “inclusion” some schools are taking up the responsibility to help minor age children transition to a different gender behind their parent’s backs. The following article is just one story of many: My daughter thinks she’s transgender. Her public school undermined my efforts to help her.

 Historically, the LGBTQ population have been estimated at 4-5% of our country’s population. We are now hearing reports from parent’s rights group in Oregon that some school districts are claiming it is high as 20% in some schools. Coincidence or social influencing on vulnerable minds still learning about life? This trend is especially concerning if one takes into account the comparatively higher suicide rates of the growing transgender community.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives take a noble ideal – respecting each individual student – and twist that ideal into forced compliance. These programs appropriate our children’s schools and our tax dollars to teach vulnerable minds to be suspicious of others based on skin color. This encourages a heartbreaking return to the historical stains our country has collectively fought long and hard to overcome. They ultimately pit parents’ rights against school bureaucracies – while claiming the schools knows what is best for our children.

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