Flawed points:
“American” capitalism is somehow different than capitalism anywhere else
Slavery is in its DNA – America had a slave-based economy
Management and accounting advances (including depreciation) were born out of slavery
Connects Fortune 500 CEOs today to plantation owners
Slavery propelled the industrial Revolution
Capitalism is an economic system, it is neutral. It can cause neither greed nor benevolence, it can be used to advance what’s there.
Calling it “American” capitalism minimizes its impact and absolves other countries from the part they played
Painting Capitalists as evil discounts all of the incredible things they’ve contributed – innovations, comfort, raising the bottom financially, tremendous contributions to science, medicine, culture, education (Not Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc., no Spelman, Carnegie-Mellon, Carnegie Hall, University of Chicago, etc.)
These problems are human problems, they are not unique to capitalism or American (compare with the evils and inequalities of communism/socialism)
Much of the country did not have a slave-based economy (the north) and it can be argued that slavery made a few rich while hurting the rest of the country.
Finally, the country experienced its greatest growth and its dominance from the 1880s through the 1920s, after slavery.