Insanity in academia is not just for the liberal arts. Apparently, the cancerous social justice agenda metastasized into areas formerly thought immune to the nonsense.

An article in Gizmodo highlights how the social justice movement now impacts the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, aka STEM:


White supremacy is baked into science and academia, from racist language in textbooks to a culture that excludes Black scientists from innovating and advancing at the same pace as their colleagues. But rather than more milquetoast statements and diversity initiatives, researchers want action. Organizers are asking the scientific community to participate in a work stoppage on Wednesday, June 10 to bring attention to racism in the world of research.

Two groups of scientists, technologists, and diversity and inclusion specialists have come together to organize a shutdown and strike on June 10, with the hashtags #ShutDownAcademia, #ShutDownSTEM, and #Strike4BlackLives. They’re asking science professionals and academics to stop doing business as usual and to instead focus on long-term action: protesting, educating themselves on the issues that Black academics face, and drafting plans based on existing work done by Black leaders on how they’ll dismantle the racism entrenched in their respective fields. Hundreds of scientists, including Nobel Prize winners and high-profile groups, have signed a pledge to take part.

“We need to hold our communities in STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] and academia accountable to ending anti-Black racism. This is critically important because of our role in society,” Brittany Kamai, an experimental physicist with a joint appointment at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Caltech, told Gizmodo. “It’s going to be hard, and it will be growth for the community. We’re asking the entire community of both STEM and academia to commit to growing together to eradicate this,” said Kamai, who is an organizer behind #ShutDownAcademia/#ShutDownSTEM and a Native Hawaiian.


Academia is owned by people who promote the social justice agenda, made up mostly of political Leftists. And Democrats claim to help the downtrodden, specifically minorities, women, LGBT, and so on. What an awkward conundrum for those on that side of the aisle.

Are minority professors not getting tenure? They seem to believe their industry is racist, and specifically racist against blacks.

The article illuminates further:


Discrimination against Black scientists rears its head in more insidious ways, too. Labs will still refer to various pairs of equipment as “master” and “slave,” while the most commonly discussed milestone in quantum computing is “quantum supremacy;” few, if any publishing outlets are actively working to evaluate this kind of language. Buildings on college campuses are named after racists and slave owners, and pseudoscience is often used to try to rationalize and justify racism.


They used insidious to describe the lexicon used for centuries. Master/slave relationship in describing equipment. As if the master/slave relationship is relegated to only blacks?

For those who believe the social justice nonsense has an end, hopefully this article showcases why “racism” will never end. As was the case of the “noose” found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR pit, racism will be spotted everywhere, as long as we allow certain people (actual racists) to see racism where it does not exist.

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