In American high schools and colleges today the
message being pushed is: Don’t DARE be yourself.

On college and university campuses students are encouraged to express their unique identities so long they fit into the chosen “box”.  All other individuals who dare to express themselves differently are browbeaten into conformity.

The College Fix recently conducted a poll asking Republican students if they feel comfortable in expressing their beliefs in their classrooms. The poll asked the question:

“Have you ever withheld your political views in class for fear that your grades would suffer?” 

73 percent of students who identity as “strong Republican” reported that they had.

Similarly, 71 percent of students who identify as “weak Republican” also said yes.

Finally, 70 percent of students who identify as Republican-leaning independents indicated they’ve withheld their political views to protect their grades.

American college and university students dared to share these comments:

  • Western Kentucky University: I wrote a 19 page research paper on a Christian pro-life movement. I was the only one in the class that, when presenting my paper, had a “surprise visitor” (who was the teacher’s very liberal friend) argue [with] me about their views.
  • Notre Dame: I actually got yelled at by a professor for my views on gun control. It wasn’t an argument or anything, just plain one-sided insulting.
  • Clemson: When writing papers for gen ed classes? Absolutely. I know a guy who chose to write a proborder wall argumentative essay for our super liberal professor and the prof just wrote “this whole paper is one big fallacy” and bombed him. Me? I wrote about the evils of horse racing. Perfectly safe topic.
  • UCSD: Not for fear of a bad grade. But fear of being a social outcast.
  • University of Louisville: I am conservative. I would be crucified. I heard enough horror stories from friends and family to keep my mouth shut and avoid politics in class if at all possible.
  • Kansas State: Professor the day after the presidential election kicked two students wearing MAGA hats out of class. I was appalled. We’re all people, if someone disagrees with you — love them anyways.
  • Mizzou: I’m a conservative, but my essays are very liberal.
  • Arizona State: In my sociology class, my professor asked us if we would give our child hormone blockers if they believed they were transgender (that was the day’s lesson). One guy said he would rather teach his daughter to love her body the way it is than change it. She [sat] straight up said “so you would be a bad parent then? What was your name again?” Then she went to type something on her computer. Not a good day for him, I’m sure. 

Students, we SEE you and we are here to help.


America cannot afford to let leftism run our college and university campuses. We are putting our students’ futures into the hands of radicals.

Conservative students should not have to compromise their constitutional freedoms in exchange for good grades. No student, no matter their personal beliefs should be yelled at or be treated as a social outcast because they dare disagree with their teacher.

Professors and teachers alike should encourage healthy expression and debate. Instead however, professors are curating environments where some students sit in fear of expressing their views and receiving poor grades.

It’s time we end this practice by holding these professors accountable.

Despite their growing membership numbers and efforts, most conservative student organizations voices need more support to create effective change. So, we’ve put the word out to our partners at TPUSA and The Leadership Institute that SEE will represent students in grade discrimination cases against their university or school.

SEE wants ALL students have a real voice and legal support.

If you would like to to stay up to date with activities SEE is doing for students all over the nation, then please, sign up for our email list.

We want to hear from you. If you would like to send SEE a tip or report an incident that happened to you or someone you know, at your school campus, please consider filling out our confidential whistleblower application here.

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