SEE Partners with The Heritage Foundation

With great pride SEE proudly announces our partnership with The Heritage Foundation. The partnership has taken over a year to put together. And we finally did it.
SEE entered a Master Services Agreement with Heritage as they have asked for our support on messaging. Heritage even said that one of their scholars called our work, “among the best he had seen”.
This will begin with The 1619 Project.
The video below is not the final cut, but provides some insight into the nature of the finished product which Heritage rolled out at their donor meeting:

Our Strategy:
While we will produce videos for The Heritage Foundation, SEE will also continue down our separate and bit more aggressive path in explaining the fallacies and outright lies of The 1619 Project; a project determined to rewrite the beautiful history of America and sell its jaundiced view to our you. This radical curriculum coupled with Black Lives Matter is being implemented in schools all over America.
As we roll out our strategy, we are confident you will be impressed with our approach; the most thorough of any organization in America. Stay tuned…
I am confident that Heritage will leverage SEE’s Strategy Team for more than The 1619 Project in the near future.
We hope you are excited about our new partnership as we are. More will be announced soon.

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