by | May 4, 2020

Former Evergreen schools teacher sues after MAGA hat dispute


Diversity, Equity and inclusion training is one of the top trends taking place in Americans colleges and k-12 schools.

The program is said to train teachers and school faculty to be more inclusive to different life styles, belief systems, sexual orientations etc. But what happens when the teachers taking the training can’t apply what they’re learning to one another?

Take for example story of Eric Dodge, a former teacher at Evergreen Public Schools who is now filing a lawsuit against his previous principal and school for being defamed and ridiculed for carrying a “Make America Great Again” hat at a DEI training.

“Eric Dodge, a former teacher, names former Wy’east Middle School Principal Caroline Garrett and district human resources manager Janae Gomes in the complaint filed in United States District Court. The complaint alleges that Dodge suffered “emotional devastation” and a “recurrence of debilitating stroke symptoms” after being “verbally attacked and defamed by his new principal for the political opinions he held as a private citizen — specifically, statements in support of President Trump,” according to the complaint.

The incident occurred over two days during a series of staff training sessions prior to the beginning of school, including a first-day session on implicit bias, diversity and racial equity, according to district documents. Dodge said in the complaint that he had the cap with him during those sessions but did not “wear or purposefully display” the hat inside either Wy’east or at a different training session the second day at Evergreen High School.”

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