by | May 4, 2020

St. Olaf College’s Segregated Graduation

Higher Education continues to showcase anything but “higher”. And in yet another display of abject ignorance, we see how deep the cancer of the social justice agenda has infected the patient.

A recent Breitbart article (Ciccotta, 2020) noted that St. Olaf College decided its virtual graduation will only consist of LGBT, international, and minority graduating seniors. In other words, the graduation excludes Christian, heterosexual, non-minority U.S. citizens.

You can’t find St. Olaf’s justification for such blatant discrimination anywhere on their website. By default, St. Olaf appears to say, “No justification needed”.

As they say in the lexicon of the day, St. Olaf is supposedly “woke”.

What a travesty

Did the Christian, non-LGBT, non-minority, and U.S. citizen students not work equally hard? My bet is the St. Olaf brochures and other marketing to these tuition-paying students didn’t mention the exclusion that was to occur at the time of their graduations. Will St. Olaf refund these students the average $61,000 they spent to be demeaned?

What of the Participants

Any student that supports this type of graduation is far from woke. They voluntarily participate in all types of segregation. St. Olaf and students buying into this segregated graduation are no better than the segregationists of the 1960s. They feel morally superior to those they oppress. And like the oppressed blacks of the 1960s, what have the Christian, non-LGBT, non-minority, U.S. citizen students done to deserve such second-class treatment?

Every student who participates in this “graduation” essentially supports racism, gender discrimination and sexual-orientation discrimination. The very thing institutions of higher education claim they wish to eradicate with their social justice agenda, St. Olaf promotes. Perhaps they should call the social justice agenda what it is: a social justice vendetta.

Ironically, the vendetta is against themselves. Higher Education creates the very problems it professes to solve. Ask any of the St. Olaf administrators who sanctions this farce graduation to explain its purpose, and you get nothing but intelligible ramblings. There simply is no answer as to why they college excluded students who completed the curricula and earned their right to graduate.

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