by | May 4, 2020

Are Charter Schools Safer Than District-Run Schools? Evidence From Pennsylvania suggests so.

Governments and their government run schools are always trying to convince the public that school choices such as charter schools or homeschooling is a threat to public education. In addition, they say these kinds of options are a “danger” to children and their integration into society.

However, a new study suggests the opposite is true.

In a study titled, “Are Charter schools safer than District-run schools?” examined school safety problems in Pennsylvania in 2019 and found:

• Virtual charters are safer than government schools for 21 of 21 significant outcomes

• Brick-and-mortar charters are safer than government schools for 27 of 30 significant outcomes

Further, some findings for regular charters versus government schools serving similar students:

• 69% reduction in fights

• 89% reduction in assaults

• 82% reduction in harassment

• 50% reduction in robberies

• 27% reduction in vandalism

• 15% reduction in arrests

While these results apply only to Pennsylvania, they provide great insight on how governments should fight for the rights of children to apply to schools of their choosing and where they feel more safe. Pennsylvania should prioritize expanding access to safer schools over protecting government-run schools from competition.

More on this study can be read here.

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